Apple TV 4th 32GB, MGY52E/A


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The device features a developed generation of content operator on the screen that can display content according to age, user status

Internal structure is added with faster refresh, it was also updated the remote nicely, you can control by touch navigate between applications and films easily, and also control video games, the controller contains the sensitive surface to facilitate mobility within the user interface.

The device contains a processor developer with 64-bit architecture A8, Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0, through Wi-Fi 802.11 and Ethernet cable ac.

Built‑in power supply and HDMI, USB port type c developer, 32 GB storage capacity

Global search service for users of the Apple device to search multiple video services like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, In order to obtain the content of films and serials that Wish by the user via personal assistant Siri.

The controller contains the double microphone for easy voice dialing for the personal assistant Siri.

You can Contact your phone and tablets to view photos and video files on TV.

Remote contains the Motion-sensitive accelerometer movement.